New online interview series #kenjegrondwet

Huygens ING organises a series of interviews about the constitution in collaboration with the Montesquieu Institute and the University of Maastricht. Among others, Karin van Leeuwen, Kors Visscher, Janneke Gerards and Ariejan Korteweg will shed their light on the constitution.

The constitution has been the basis of our rule of law for over 200 years. But who realises that we will also vote on changes to this important document on March 17? While the principles of the democratic rule of law at home and abroad are increasingly under discussion. That’s why we ask historians, jurists and a journalist a number of important questions.
Koning Willem I met de Grondwet van 1816

In the online interview series #kenjegrondwet historian and presenter Eveline van Rijswijk talks to historians Karin van Leeuwen (University of Maastricht) and Kors Visscher (University of Humanistics), lawyer Janneke Gerards (University of Utrecht) and journalist Ariejan. Korteweg (de Volkskrant). The reason for this interview series is the recently published source publication About the Constitution, with excerpts from 100 years of discussions about constitutional revisions.

On 19 April, the participants in this online interview series will debate at Nieuwspoort if the Dutch constitution is future-proof. This debate is organised by Huygens ING, Maastricht University and the Montesquieu Institute.

Find the interviews here.

The interviews and the debate were made possible by our partners KNAW Fonds Staatsman Thorbecke and publisher Verloren.