Open Science & Data

With the Huygens Institute, we are a forerunner in the field of Open Science. An important part of the Institute’s mission is to make sources and data available online for humanities research. Full open access is the starting point, except where this is not possible due to legal restrictions. We work closely with the Meertens Institute in this area and follow the data policy of the KNAW.


We collect the results of research and editing projects in the Resources collection of the Huygens Institute. This collection currently contains almost 200 datasets and source corpora in the field of Dutch history and culture that are available for reuse. We make the online resources accessible with the aid of innovative tools. All the material in our resources is available under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 licence. We are currently working on further implementation of the FAIR guidelines for description, storage and publication of scientific data.

Data support

Active support in the area of research data management (RDM) helps researchers to implement the Open Science policy in their work. Our data managers offer customised support to researchers of both the Huygens Institute and the Meertens Institute in the processing, harmonisation, contextualisation and presentation of humanities data. We also offer advice on licensing, data interoperability and the implementation of privacy guidelines. All these activities help create a unifying data culture at both institutes in which innovative humanities research can flourish.


For questions about our Open Science policy and activities in the field of Research Data Management, please contact Sebastiaan Derks, head of the Data Management department: