Working at Huygens Institute

We are regularly looking for staff. For that, check out the vacancies page of the KNAW in particular. Sometimes we are looking for support staff to help with data and project management or for small research assignments. We also sometimes have vacancies for PhD students and postdocs to do research within large-scale projects. It is also possible for PhD students and postdocs to place their own research projects with us.

Young researchers gain expertise and expand their network with us. As a result, almost all our PhD students and postdocs have so far found a job in science: in a follow-up project as a researcher or even in permanent employment as an UD (assistant-professor).

The Huygens Institute for History and Culture of the Netherlands is an institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. The institute has about 100 employees. Together, we stand for innovation in research methods, but also for a better understanding of Dutch culture and history among a wide audience. Software development is an important part of many projects.

Vacancies at the Huygens Instituut

At the moment we do not have any vacancies.