Research group LivesLab
Specialisation (Digital) scholarly editing
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Marijke van Faassen studied history at VU University Amsterdam. After graduating she undertook commissioned research for a time. Since 1989 she has been employed as a researcher at the Huygens Institute, working on various different projects. In 1994, for example, she co-wrote the texts for the Dutch passport, edited the diaries of the former Liberal politician and Minister of Foreign Affairs W.H. de Beaufort (1845–1918) and the final three volumes of “Foreign Policy of the Netherlands 1919–1945”. In recent years she has coordinated projects focusing not only on access to sources but also on analytical research: “Constitutional Commissions 1883–1983” (concerning constitutional amendments) and “Emigration 1945–1967” (researching post-war emigration from the Netherlands). The latter was also the subject of her doctoral dissertation at the University of Groningen (2014).
Marijke van Faassen is currently coordinating the “Migrant: Mobilities and Connection” project on Dutch emigrants to Australia and their cultural heritage, in close collaboration with a number of Australian experts in digital humanities and cultural heritage experts.