28 oktober 2023

History Night 2023

Location Rijksmuseum
Start/end 19:30 uur tot 24:00 uur

A discovery, invention or completely new perspective: some scientists dedicated their entire lives to that one ‘Eureka moment’. Their insights have shaped our view of the world, and we are still influenced by new knowledge. Such a stroke of genius is usually not an isolated event, but is accompanied by doubt, error and coincidence. At the same time, new insights almost immediately raise new questions: for instance, we learn more and more about space, but what does it say about our place on earth? During the Night of History, you can see, hear or experience something throughout the museum.

During the Night of History, you will not only hear Robbert Dijkgraaf, Louise Fresco and Sheila Sitalsing, but also researchers from our institute, such as Eric Jorink, Ellen Pater, Ilja Nieuwland, Helmer Helmers, Matthias van Rossum and Marieke van Erp.