Venetian reports 1600-1795

Collected and published by P.J. Blok

The Venetian envoys reports are a rich source of information about the political and diplomatic history of the period preceding 1800. The Relazioni are the final reports that an envoy would lay before the Senate of Venice upon returning home from his post abroad. Eighteen such reports written by envoys in The Hague between 1607 and 1713 have been published.

They contain information on the following issues in particular: the political situation in the Netherlands, the key individuals in charge, the economy, finances and military affairs, as well as what a Venetian found to be typical of the Netherlands, unusual topographic features, the rapport between different religious faiths, and the local customs and traditions.

The Venetian reports begin with an introduction by the editor describing the contents and value of the reports and linking them to other sources. The appendixes contain lists of reports that are relevant for the history of the Netherlands in the 16th century and of the unpublished weekly letters written by the envoy to the Doge of Venice.