Development Cooperation 1945-1977

Compiled by M.L.J. Dierikx, M. Breusers, L.J. van Damme, C.B. Feiken, J.H. Gaemers, C.P.M. Klep, E.M.L. Klinkers, A.P.G. Sens, M.G.M. Smits; with assistance from M.H.M.M. Sopers and M.E.A. Weterings

This project is being implemented by the Huygens ING under contract from the Minister for Development Cooperation. The reason it was set up is that, even though various aspects of Dutch foreign policy after 1945 have been the subject of a number of monographies and documentary editions, development cooperation is still largely uncharted territory.

The year 1949 was selected as the starting point for the project. It was on the third of October that year that the Cabinet decided to participate in the Expanded Programme for Technical Assistance, which had been set up by the United Nations. The initial budget was 1.5 million Dutch guilders. At the same time, the Council of Ministers decided to establish a body for policy formulation and execution. After considering the accessibility of the source material, the year 1977 was selected as the cut-off date. After completion of the project in 2005, a follow-on project was taken on, focusing on the period 1978-1989.

The core of the project consists of edited documents that evidence development cooperation policies pursued by the Dutch government. This is presented in the form of a chronological source edition, in book form (6 volumes in all), arranged around sixteen main policy themes. Apart from that an interview project is also in preparation, featuring a number of key players. The interviews will be published in a separate book.

Volume 1 (period up to 1963) was published in March 2002.

Volume 2 (period 1964-1967) was published in October 2003.

Volume 3 (period 1967-1973) was published in November 2005.

Volume 4 (period 1973-1977) was published in November 2005.

Volume 5 (period 1978-1982) was published in February 2008 2007.

Volume 6 (period 1982-1989) was published in October 2009.

Furthermore, in 2009 the volume Voor de ontwikkeling van de derde wereld. Politici en ambtenaren over de Nederlandse ontwikkelingssamenwerking, 1949-1989 was published. Editors: L.J. van Damme and M.G.M. Smits.

Various key documents from the public domain concerning Dutch development cooperation are available online (as PDF files) for the benefit of researchers and other interested parties:

Nota betreffende de Nederlandse bijdrage aan het programma der Verenigde Naties voor technische hulp aan economisch laag-ontwikkelde landen (1950), in: Handelingen der Staten-Generaal, 1949-1950, Bijlagen 2e Kamer, no. 1734 – 4
[Trans. White Paper concerning the Dutch contribution to the United Nations Extended Programme for Technical Assistance to economically under-developed countries (1950), in: Proceedings of the States-General, 1949-1950, Appendices of the Second Chamber, no. 1734-4].

Nota inzake de hulpverlening aan minder ontwikkelde gebieden (1956)in: Handelingen der Staten-Generaal, 1955-1956, Bijlagen 2e Kamer, no. 4334 – 2
[Trans. White Paper on aid to less developed regions (1956), in: Proceedings of the States-General, 1955-1956, Appendices of the Second Chamber, no. 4334 – 2]

Nota over de hulp aan minder-ontwikkelde landen (1962)in: Handelingen der Staten-Generaal, 1961-1962, Bijlagen 2e Kamer, no. 6817 – 1
[Trans. White Paper on aid to less developed countries (1962), in: Proceedings of the States-General, 1961-1962, Appendices of the Second Chamber, no. 6817 – 1]

Nota hulpverlening aan minder-ontwikkelde landen(‘s-Gravenhage: ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken, 1966)
[Trans. White Paper on aid to less developed countries (The Hague: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1966)].

Rapport Evaluatie van de Nederlandse Ontwikkelingshulp (1969) [Trans. Report on the Evaluation of Dutch Development Aid (1969)]

Nota Bilaterale Ontwikkelingssamenwerking (1976) [Trans. White Paper on Bilateral Development Cooperation (1976)].

Nota Herijking Bilateraal Beleid (1984)

Nota Ontwikkelingssamenwerking en Werkgelegenheid (1984)

Nota Kwaliteit, een voorzet voor de jaren ’90 (1989)