The London diaries of baron O.C.A. van Lidth de Jeude MSc, 1940-1945

Compiled by A.E. Kersten, with assistance from Eric Th. Mos

The voluminous London diaries of O.C.A. van Lidth de Jeude, written during the years 1940-1945, represent an extremely important source of information about the Dutch government in exile in London during World War II, particularly with regard to the day-to-day running of the government, how it dealt with the resident community of Dutch emigrants and Dutch business affairs, and its interpersonal relations with members of the Royal Household.

Van Lidth can be viewed as a member of the Dutch social, political and business elite during the 1930s and 1940s. During the interbellum, he was Minister of Water Management (1935-1937), and chairman of the National Liberal Party. He also held a number of commissions with the Dutch business community including, amongst others, the Billiton Group. From September 1942 until February 1945 he was Minister of War in London.

The diaries are published as a documentary edition and contain explanatory notes, as well as an index of individuals and related issues, to make them more easily accessible.