The Kattendijke Chronicle until 1490

Published by Antheun Janse with the assistance of Ingrid Biesheuvel. Edited by Karin Tilmans

The so-called Kattendijke chronicle was probably written between 1484-1490. Until recently, this chronicle was virtually unknown which is why it has never been published. Its full title is: “The history or the chronicle of Holland, Zeeland and Friesland and of the Bishopric of Utrecht and many other domains that will be named in due course”.

The chronicle tells a story on three levels, combining a tale about the history of Troy with a history of the world and a history of the Netherlands up until the reign of Duchess Maria of Burgundy (1477-1481) and her husband, the Duke, who later became Emperor Maximilian of Hapsburg. As far as historical material is concerned, the chronicle has been compiled in a somewhat complex manner and contains many new historical passages that are beautifully illustrated with woodcuts and heraldic images.

The project is being implemented by a multidisciplinary taskforce of experts.