Gisbert Cuper’s Journal 1706

Compiled by A.J. Veenendaal

Gisbert Cuper (1644-1716), regent of Deventer and professor at its Illustrious Academy, was a renowned scholar at home and abroad who corresponded with people all over Europe. He also spent several years as the representative for Overijssel in the States General and it was in this capacity that he was known in The Hague. However, it came as something of a surprise when he was appointed field deputy representing the States General in the Dutch army during the War of the Spanish Succession in 1706.

His journal, which he kept meticulously, presents a rather detached account of the hostilities in the Southern Netherlands, which suddenly turned in favour of the allied forces following the battle of Ramillies. However, more than anything else, he took advantage of the opportunity to visit all the renowned scholars of the time, to see all the impressive sites, churches and castles that he could, and to nurture relationships with likeminded souls.