Groen van Prinsterer. His written legacy. Correspondence from 1808-1876 and papers from 1821-1876

Edited by C. Gerretson, H.J. Smit, A. Goslinga, J.L. van Essen and J. Zwaan

Guillaume Groen van Prinsterer (1801-1876) can be classed as one of the main architects of the social and political developments that occurred during the 19th century. He is the father of the anti-revolutionary, Christian-historical movement that took place both inside the Dutch Lower House as well as outside its walls and author of a ground-breaking book entitledĀ Ongeloof en revolutie. An accomplished historian as well as a politician, he published a collection of letters written by members of the House of Orange and wrote a guide to the history of the Netherlands entitledĀ Handboek der geschiedenis van het vaderland.

TheĀ CorrespondenceĀ has been published in four separate volumes supported by two supplementary editions. Items found in archives at a later date, together with material that had been accidentally omitted from the earlier volumes, have been included in these supplementary editions. The correspondence between Groen and Abraham Kuyper that was originally published outside this series has also been included in the supplementary editions. All the volumes contain appendices. In addition, two volumes ofĀ PapersĀ have also been published, incorporating a wide range of other items such as journals, travel logs, an autobiography, memoirs and essays.

Although Groen was, by his own admission, a devout follower of the Christian faith rather than a statesman, he is still one of the foremost figures of his generation and hisĀ CorrespondenceĀ andĀ PapersĀ cover such an extensive period of time that publishing his written legacy in this way is of great relevance for research into 19th century Dutch history.