Documented sources on the history of Dutch trade with England, Scotland and Ireland

Edited by H.J. Smit

The Dutch have been trading with England since the 13th century, particularly in wool. The Dutch provinces of Holland and Zeeland played a key role in this area, gradually taking over the trading position of the Flemish because of the ongoing dispute between Flanders and England.

This edition focuses primarily on Dutch trade with England, Scotland and Ireland from the beginning of the 12th century until 1585. In geographical terms, the publication confines itself to the Netherlands as we know it today. On the other hand, the overwhelming majority of the documents concern England, with a few on Scotland and Ireland added intermittently. In total, two volumes have been published in four parts. Volume I covers the period 1150-1485 (two parts) while Volume II covers 1485-1585 (likewise two parts).

The edition contains mainly qualitative material (deeds, official papers and court records), as well as invoices; most of which were found in national and city archives in England and the Netherlands. The selection offered by Dutch archives for Volume II (15th and 16th centuries) is much broader than that offered for Volume I (12th to the 15th century). A list of documented sources already published elsewhere is provided and archival documents have been included in the form of summaries or as full text documents. The sources are presented in chronological order.