Sources on the history of trade with France 753-1585

Compiled and edited by Z.W. Sneller and W.S. Unger

This reference work documents the trade and shipping between the northern Netherlands and western France during the 15th and 16th centuries, given that sources are few and far between for the period before 1400. The nature of the published material is very diverse and consists of a wide range of documents such as deeds, invoices, city by-laws, judicial decisions and legal records. The sources provide mainly qualitative details about trade with France and very few quantitative ones.

Material was collected for this study from Dutch, French, Belgian, English and German archives. The documents have been either transcribed or summarised in modern Dutch. The publication contains appendices that provide statistical data on shipping and trade between ports in France and Zeeland, predominantly for the 16th century. The series did not progress beyond the first volume which was published in 1930 (with the exception of a minor supplement in 1942). However, legal records from La Rochelle and Bordeaux were published separately in a reference work that focussed on the years 1423 to 1585.