The University of Leiden 1574-1811

Edited by P.C. Molhuysen

In the early modern period Leiden University was an internationally renowned institute. Due to the considerable number of foreigners who studied in Leiden the views and teaching methods of the university spread throughout Europe. This publication, which comprises seven volumes, contains the decisions of the university’s most important administrative bodies; the council of Governors and Mayors and the Senate (conclave of professors). With this, the editor P.C. Molhuysen aimed to gather material for ‘a substantial portion of seventeenth and eighteenth century European history of civilisation’.

All seven volumes have been arranged in chronological order. Each year starts with the resolutions of the Governors and Mayors followed by the debates of the Senate. By and large, the resolutions have been presented in summary format. Molhuysen made his selection with the emphasis on information about education. The ‘acta senatus’ were written in Latin and have been transcribed in full. At the end of each volume there are transcripts of annexes selected by Molhuysen which accompanied the resolutions of the Governors and Mayors and several documents from the archives of other institutions. Each volume contains an introduction and an index of personal names.

This publication provides a foundation for every study into one or more facets of the history of the University of Leiden.