Erasmi Opera Omnia

Editing Erasmus’ Opera Omnia is a long-term KNAW (Royal Netherlands Academy for Arts and Sciences) project which has its origin in an initiative taken in Rotterdam in 1960. Unlike the old editions of Basel (1538-1540) and Leiden (1703-1706), the new edition shows the changes that Erasmus made in his work down through the years. The new edition offers a purified (‘critical’) Latin text, not a translation. The work is referred to as the ‘Amsterdam edition’, after the place of residence of the KNAW. (ASD). Similar to the Basel and Leiden editions and in accordance with Erasmus’s preference, the Amsterdam edition has been arranged in nine ‘ordines’ (categories). Each ‘ordo’ comprises a specific literary or thematic category within Erasmus’s oeuvre. Moreover, each text is supplemented with an introduction and a commentary in French, German or English, containing a concise description of the origin, the content and the printing history of the text in question, followed by a description of the collated editions and/or manuscripts.

An international team of around 35 specialists is currently working on this project, which is being carried out under the auspices of the Union Académique Internationale (UAI) and the Conseil international pour l’édition des oeuvres complètes d’Erasme. The Huygens ING’s contributions are of a scientific as well as a co-ordinating nature.

The volumes that have already been published are (partly) available via the European Open Access website OAPENHere is the ASD edition of the Adagia made available online by Hans van Poll.

Members Project committee and Erasmi Opera Omnia assocation

J. Bloemendal (Huygens Institute), secretary
K.A.E. Enenkel (Universität Münster)
A.A. den Hollander (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), treasurer
A.L. van der Laan (Groningen)
M.E.H.N. Mout (Warmond), chair
M.L. van Poll- van Lisdonk (Voorhout)
E. Rabbie (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam)
J. Trapman (Oegstgeest)

Conseil International pour l’Édition des Oeuvres Complètes d’Erasme

R. Bodenmann (Zürich)
K.A.E. Enenkel (Münster)
R. Faber (Waterloo), vice chair
A.A. den Hollander (Amsterdam), treasurer
A.L. van der Laan (Groningen)
J.-P. Massaut (Luik)
M.E.H.N. Mout (Warmond), chair
M.L. van Poll-van de Lisdonk (Voorhout)
E. Rabbie (Den Haag)
S. Seidel Menchi (Florence)
J. Trapman (Oegstgeest), secretary general
H. Vredeveld (Columbus OH)


A.L. van der Laan (Groningen), chair
M.L. van Poll-van de Lisdonk (Voorhout), secretary
G.J.M. Bartelink (Nijmegen)
J. Bloemendal (Amsterdam)
H.J. van Dam (Ilpendam)
J. Domański (Warschau)
A.W. Steenbeek (The Hague)
L.H. Westra (Tzum)


Pleas contact Brill Publications in Leiden for copies.

I, 1 Interpretationes- Libanii, Euripidis, Luciani, Galeni
I, 2 De pueris … instituendis, De ratione studii, De conscribendis epistolis, Ciceronianus
I, 3 Colloquia
I, 4 De recta … pronuntiatione, Libellus de constructione octo partium orationis, Encomium medicinae, Paraphrasis … in Elegantiarum libros Laurentii Vallae
I, 5 Parabolae, Encomium matrimonii
I, 6 De copia verborum ac rerum
I, 7 Carmina
I, 8 Iulius exclusus, Conflictus, De civilitate
II, 1 Adagia 1-500
II, 2 Adagia 501-1000
II, 3 Adagia 1001-1500
II, 4 Adagia 1501-2000
II, 5 Adagia 2001-2500
II, 6 Adagia 2501-3000
II, 7 Adagia 3001-3500
II, 8 Adagia 3501-4151
II, 9 Adagia collectanea, Gesamtindices
IV, 1 Panegyricus ad Philippum Austriae ducem, Institutio principis Christiani, Lingua
IV, 1A Lingua
IV, 2 Querela pacis, Ex Plutarcho versa
IV, 3 Moriae encomium id est Stultitiae laus
IV, 4 Apophthegmata – I-IV
IV, 7 – Miscellanea rhetorica
V, 1 De contemptu mundi, Modus orandi Deum, Explanatio Symboli
V, 2 Enarrationes in Psalmos – I
V, 3 Enarrationes in Psalmos – II
V, 4 Ecclesiastes – I
V, 5 Ecclesiastes – II
V, 6 Christiani matrimonii institutio, Vidua Christiana
V, 7 Conciones, Disputatiuncula, Paraclesis, Commentarius in hymnos Prudentii
V, 8 Enchiridion et Exomologesis
VI, 2 Novum Testamentum – II – Evangelium secundum Iohannem et Acta apostolorum
VI, 3 Novum Testamentum – III – Epistolae apostolicae – I
VI, 4 Novum Testamentum – IV – Epistolae epistolicae (secunda pars) et Apocalypsis Iohannis
VI, 5 Annotationes in Novum Testamentum – I – Matthaeus – Lucas
VI, 6 Annotationes in Novum Testamentum – II – Iohannes, Acta apostolorum
VI, 7 Annotationes in Novum Testamentum – III – Ad Romanos
VI, 8 Annotationes in Novum Testamentum – IV – Ad Corinthios
VI, 9 Annotationes in Novum Testamentum – V – Ad Galatas – Ad Thessalonicenses
VI, 10 Annotationes in Novum Testamentum – VI – 1. Timotheus – Apocalypsis
VII, 2 Paraphrasis in Lucam
VII, 6 Paraphrases – Ad Hebraeos – 3. Iohannes
IX, 1 Apologiae – I – Epistola de interdicto esu carnium, Scholia, Spongia, Detectio praestigiarum, Epistolae contra pseudevangelicos, Epistola ad fratres inferioris Germaniae, Purgatio
IX, 2 Apologiae – II – Apologia ad Stunicam
IX, 3 Apologiae – III – Apologia ad Iacobum Fabrum Stapulensem
IX, 4 Apologiae – IV – Apologia ad Eduardum Leum, Manifesta mendacia, Responsio ad disputationem cuiusdam Phimostomi de divortio
IX, 5 Apologiae – IV – Controversiae contra Natalem Bedam
IX, 6 Apologiae – VI – Controversiae contra Albertum Pium
IX, 7 Apologiae – VII – Declarationes
IX, 8 Apologiae – VIII – Apologia contra Caranzam et Apologiae contra Stunicam
IX, 9 Apologiae – IX – Apologiae quinque: In principio erat sermo, Omnes quidem resurgemus, Adversus debacchationes Petri Sutoris, Adversus monachos Hispanos, Admonitio