Department Data Management
Specialisation Slavery in the Dutch East Indies (VOC)
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Tanne van den Berg (1997) currently studies history at Leiden University. Her track within history is general history. She specialises in slavery in the Dutch East Indies (VOC) for her Bachelor thesis. In her thesis she will compare two groups of enslaved people and compare their treatment by the VOC personnel. In her first year she took the course ‘themacollege’ where she wrote a paper on the 1740 Batavia massacre (Chinezenmoord). She became more interested in researching VOC sources and decided to take more courses on that subject in the following years of her studies. During her studies she took the courses ‘colonial sources’ and ‘VOC embassies at Asian courts’. The course ‘colonial sources’ helped her learn how to approach, how to analyse and how to read the handwriting of VOC sources. During the seminar ‘VOC embassies at Asian courts’ she analysed the VOC sources further by taking the Japanese court and Korean court and comparing the two to each other. She did research on what ways the two courts treated the VOC personnel differently.