Research group Knowledge and Art Practices
Specialisation Early modern correspondence and scholarly networks, Neo-Latin, digital humanities


Robin Buning studied classics at Leiden University, specializing in Neo-Latin, and did the Minor Editing & Publishing at the University of Amsterdam. After obtaining his PhD at Utrecht University  with an intellectual biography of Henricus Reneri (1593–1639), he became a postdoctoral research fellow within the digital humanities project ‘Cultures of Knowledge’ at the University of Oxford. There, he did research on the network of Samuel Hartlib (ca. 1600–1662) and collaborated in the development of an application for prosopographical network analysis.

Currently, he works as a researcher at the Huygens Institute within the ‘Erasmus, Opera Omnia’ project. He also participates in the publication of Erasmus’s correspondence in Dutch and he is editor of On behalf of the Coornhert Stichting he compiles a catalogue of the correspondence of Dirck Volckertszoon Coornhert (1522-1590). Apart from this, he works as an assistant within the ‘Sharing Knowledge in Learned and Literary Networks – The Republic of Letters as a Pan-European Knowledge Society’ project at Utrecht University. Furthermore, he is a member of COST Action: IS1310 ‘Reassembling the European Republic of Letters’. In this context, he collaborates with computational linguists on an automated analysis of the Hartlib Papers using topic modeling methods.