Department Datamanagement
Specialisation Research management, information retrieval, evaluation, natural language processing (NLP) and crowdsourcing


Maria Eskevich (1983) did her undergraduate degree in Computational Linguistics with a minor in Speech Technologies at Saint Petersburg State University. In 2014 she received her Ph.D. in the field of Computer Science on the topic of Spoken Document Retrieval from Dublin City University, Ireland.
As a post-doctoral researcher, she worked on multimedia search and hyperlinking at EURECOM in France and on policies for text and data mining and open access at the Radboud University in The Netherlands.
In 2017-2023 she worked at CLARIN ERIC as Central Office Coordinator focusing on scientific management of research projects and diverse large scale events such as CLARIN Annual Conference and the series of ParlaCLARIN workshops.
As organiser of diverse benchmarking campaigns such as MediaEval, TRECVID, TREC, and MLIA, she served the community and engaged with different stakeholders both in academia and industry.
Her research interests lie at the intersection of information retrieval, natural language processing and crowdsourcing in the context of social sciences and (digital) humanities, implementation of the FAIR principles in research life cycle via the support provided by research infrastructures, evaluation of research methods and algorithms implementation.