Department Data Management
Specialisation Early Modern social history, digital humanities


Brecht Nijman (1996) studied History at the University of Edinburgh, where she focussed on early modern social history. She wrote her MA dissertation on the conflict surrounding Scottish printing patents during the late seventeenth century. After a short foray into another history degree at Utrecht University, she pursued a master in Data Science at the same university. Here she worked alongside the CITYNET research group (Utrecht University, Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning) to develop text mining methods to generate and analyse urban network data.

During her degree Brecht also worked as a data assistant at the IISH on the project regarding the connections to slavery of Hope & Co. and Mees & Zn. Here she was part of the team working on the quantitative analysis for project, in particular she contributed to the establishing of a dataset regarding Hope & Co. related plantations.