Research group Innovating Digital Editions
Specialisation Authorial Philology and Digital Scholarly Editing

Beatrice Nava studied Classics at the University of Parma and received her PhD in Literary and Philological Cultures from the University of Bologna in November 2021 with the thesis “Il Conte di Carmagnola from the last autograph draft to print: a new critical edition and a model for a digital edition.” The thesis consists of a critical edition of the tragedy and a theoretical model for an XML/TEI based edition.

Her research focuses on authorial philology and Digital Scholarly Editing, with a specific interest on modelling and digital representation of textual sources. She is particularly interested in modern manuscripts editing and in the representation of authorial corrections from a diachronic perspective. She collaborated on the PRIN project “Manzoni Online: Papers, Books, Editions and Tools”, about the Italian author Alessandro Manzoni, and she has been involved in other projects of the Digital Humanities Advanced Research Centre at the University of Bologna, such as VaSto, Philoeditor and Leggo Manzoni.

Since January 2023, she started working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Innovating digital Editions group of the Huygens Institute, where she collaborates on the eDITem project and on The Mondrian Papers project.


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