Inger Leemans elected as a new member of KNAW

Inger Leemans (1971), research leader of the NL-Lab which is shared with the Meertens Institute, has been elected a new member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). The KNAW announced this on Wednesday 28 April. She will be officially installed as a new member of the academy on Monday 13 September.

Inger is research leader of the NL-Lab at the KNAW Humanities Cluster, professor of cultural history at VU University Amsterdam and Project Lead of the Odeuropa Network. She examines historical themes that intersect the individual, the cultural and the social. With a focus on the early modern period from 1500 to 1850 she has conducted research into pornography and the radical enlightenment, emotions in an economic context (for example on the stock exchange) and the unexplored world of scents in the past. Leemans dares to make original choices, both in her subjects and in her methods. She was a pioneer in digital humanities from the start, embracing expertise from many disciplines and combining micro and macro narratives. Leemans uses history to reflect on contemporary standards. Her open attitude enables her to also enter into discussion about sensitive topics.

This year the KNAW has elected twenty-three new members, including three foreign members. Academy members, leading scientists from all disciplines, are chosen on the basis of their scientific achievements. The KNAW has approximately five hundred and fifty members. Membership is for life.