Huygens ING curates the audio collections of the Meertens Institute

The Digital Data Management department of Huygens ING starts the first project for the Meertens Institute: the Curation of the Audio Collections of the Meertens Institute (CAMI).

The Meertens Institute has an extensive audio collection totalling more than six thousand hours. These recordings focus mainly on dialects, stories and songs. The quality of the collections was assessed as ‘unique’ in the latest collection evaluation and the following was added: ‘They provide the research community dealing with language and Dutch popular culture with an indispensable and invaluable source’. The Dutch Dialect Bank and the Liederenbank are available online and have a thousand hours worth of material. However, the work on the collections is not yet complete: the next step is to make the collections available in accordance with the requirements of the KNAW ‘Findable’, ‘Accessible’, ‘Interoperable’ and ‘Reusable’ (FAIR). Within this framework, the Digital Data Management department is now starting the CAMI project.