1 november 2023 tot en met 2 februari 2024

People Movement Stories

Location Het publiekscentrum van het Nationaal Archief in Den Haag
Start/end Elke dinsdag t/m vrijdag tussen 10.00 en 17.00 uur

The exhibition ‘Australia and the Netherlands. People Movement Stories’ is open. In it, 12 people tell the story of their migration to Australia or the Netherlands. Among other things, they tell about their motivations, the journey and arrival in their new home. Based on the personal stories, the visitor travels with the migrant. The exhibition connects that story with official government documents, films, photographs. Visitors thus discover how the migration movement between the two countries changed in recent years and how migrants reshaped their lives after arrival.

More information and context can be found on the website migrant.huygens.knaw.nl with five new stories and digitised collections from National Archives Australia and National Archives Netherlands. Migrants leave traces in the document collections of local, regional and national archives, as well as in image databases and multimedia archives, both in the country of departure and in the country of destination.