Resolutions of the States General 1626-1630

Edited by I.J.A. Nijenhuis, P.L.R. De Cauwer, W.M. Gijsbers, M. Hell, C.O. van der Meij and J.E. Schooneveld-Oosterling

This publication contains the resolutions of the States General of the United Provinces from 1 January 1626 to 15 May 1630. These non-print records lack usable contemporary indices and have now been made accessible for historical research through electronically searchable summaries in modern Dutch.

Apart from searching the complete text of the publication, you can also look for a specific period, secret resolutions, persons and the positions they held, institutions, places, ships’ names, books and pamphlets, or do a combined search with any of these items.

The contains a short introduction to 1626-1630 and an explanation of the methods used in preparing this edition.

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The web article Geld, gewin en geweten (Violence, Profit and Conscience) makes clear the variety of terrains in which the States General were active.