Resolutions of the States General 1576-1630

Edited by N. Japikse, H.H.P. Rijperman, A.T. van Deursen, J.G. Smit, J. Roelevink, I.J.A. Nijenhuis, P.L.R. De Cauwer, W.M. Gijsbers,
M. Hell, C.O. van der Meij and J.E. Schooneveld-Oosterling

This publication contains the resolutions of the States General from the period from 1576 to1630 that have been opened up for historical research. The source material consists of the ordinary and secret resolutions of the States General and is located in the National Archive in The Hague. Contemporary indices have been added to the resolution registers but these are not very useful to researchers. Making the resolutions more easily accessible, enables them to better understand the functioning of the States General and the organization of the government of the Dutch Republic.

For researchers looking into, for example, foreign policy, government finances, defence, the administration of justice and trade and industry, the resolutions constitute an essential gateway to the very extensive archive material of the States General. Moreover, the resolutions bring researchers into contact with the period in question, in all its various aspects.