The pound toll-registers of Elbing 1585-1700

By J.Th. Lindblad; in collaboration with F.C. Dufour-Briët

Trade with the Baltic countries was immensely important for the prosperity and power of the Republic of the United Netherlands during the seventeenth century. Studies into this ‘Baltic trade’ resulted in an edition of Dutch entries in the important pound-toll registers of the harbour town of Elbing.

The publication contains both the edition of the source as well as a preliminary statistical analysis based on data derived from the source. The text edition begins with an introduction to the pound-toll registers. Additional information about the methodology that was used to process the quantitative data is given prior to the analysis. Lists explaining the names of products and providing information about the weights and measures used during this period, along with indexes of individuals, the names of ships, and place names also facilitate access to this publication.

Due to the systematic and detailed nature of the data they contain, the pound-toll registers are ideally suited for analyses of Dutch shipping and trade in the Baltic region.

The edition is a sequel – albeit with a different lay-out and using modern publishing techniques – to an incomplete documentary edition that was never finished entitled Nederlandse rekeningen in de pondtolregisters van Elbing 1585-1602 (The Hague, 1972), compiled by F.B.M. Tangelder.

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