Walloon churches 1601-1697

Published and edited by Guillaume H.M. Posthumus Meyjes and Hans Bots with the collaboration of Johanna Roelevink

The goal of the project is to publish the Livre des Actes of the Walloon synod in which the records of the Walloon churches, records of the representatives of the synod and a large number of transcripts of items that have since been lost are included. The Livre des Actes is a primary source for the history of the Walloon churches during the period of the Republic of the United Provinces of the Netherlands. Although the decisions made by the Walloon synod have been included in the Livre Synodal contenant les articles résolus dans les Synodes des Églises wallonnes des Pays-Bas (The Hague 1896-1904) that was published at the beginning of the last century, it is only when they are set against the background of the material from the Livres des Actes that they really stand out.