Excerpta Romana. Sources of the Roman history of the Netherlands

Compiled and edited by A.W. Byvanck

This publication is intended for historians who specialise in the history of the Netherlands in Roman times and contains three sections. Section I (Part 1) contains virtually all the remarks made about our country by writers from the classical period. The selection covers a wide geographical region in order to encompass a large area to the north and the south of the Roman frontier (limes) (up to Xanten). The material has been gathered from editions up to around 1931 and edited in the form of Greek and Latin abstracts. Elaborate access points and a series of supplements can be found in Part 3.

Section I is still a useful tool for exploratory research. However, both Section II (Part 2), which deals with inscriptions, and Section III (Part 3), which deals with sites where Roman antiquities were found up until the year 1940, are severely out of date. Yet despite this, they still contain useful information on Latin literature and manuscripts concerning Roman finds in the Netherlands since the late Middle Ages.

Using the material that he had collected, A.W. Byvanck went on to write Nederland in den Romeinschen tijd (Leiden 1943).