The Journals of P.J.M. Aalberse 1891-1947

Edited by J.P. de Valk and A.C.M. Kappelhof

This edition containing the journals of P.J.M. Aalberse (1871-1948) is linked to the Dutch research guide to social security for the period 1890 to 1967 entitledĀ Onderzoeksgids Sociale Zekerheid 1890-1967. The Catholic politician, Aalberse, who entered parliament in 1903, was the first Minister for Social Affairs (1918-1925) in the Netherlands. He was responsible for passing a number of important social laws. After 1925 he held a number of different positions, including parliamentary leader of the Roman Catholic State Party (RKSP) (1930-1936), Speaker in the house of commons, and member of the Council of State. He was active in a number of different social areas both inside and outside Catholic circles.

Aalberse’s journals offer an interesting glimpse behind the political scenes. Yet this fascinating egodocument provides a great deal more than just political facts and figures. Aalberse began keeping a diary when he was a student in Leiden and continued to do so until six months before his death. However, there were many gaps in between, some of which lasted for years. All in all, he managed to fill a total of 3,200 pages, of which approximately 2,500 survived.