The Chronicle of Groningen up to 1528

This is a scholarly edition of the Chronicle of Groningen and Ommelanden which was compiled around the year 1530 by Sicke Benninge who lived in Groningen and includes a chronicle by Johan van Lemego written around 1425.

Incomplete editions appeared in 1698, 1725 and 1887. The first two are virtually inadmissible for research purposes as a result of recent information that came to light on matters such as the way in which the chronicle and the manuscripts in particular were handed down through the ages. The original manuscript did not survive.

The chronicle is an immensely important source of information that can enhance our knowledge of Groningen and the surrounding areas in the fifteenth and early sixteenth century. It deals with the history of Groningen from the earliest times up to 1528, particularly with regard to the town’s struggle to maintain its control over the local estates which often meant that it was obliged to accept the authority of external rulers.