Clusius correspondence

Esther van Gelder, with the cooperation of Jeanine De Landtsheer, Koen Diemel, Florike Egmond, Michiel van Groesen, Floor Haalboom, Egbert de Haan, Farkas Gabór Kiss, Bram Plantinga, Paul Smith, Lisanne Snippe, Ingeborg van Vugt, Tilmann Walter and Sylvia van Zanen.

The project Clusius correspondence is a collaboration between Huygens Institute and the Scaliger Institute. It presents all existing transcriptions of the letters of Clusius. Included are the metadata of all known letters (1600 in total), mostly accompanied by facsimile reproductions from the University Library Leiden, and almost 1000 transcriptions of letters made by different researchers in the course of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The online edition is not a scholarly edition in the traditional sense. Due to the many different sources of the (published and unpublished) transcriptions, the quality of the edition is not uniform. Furthermore, virtually no annotation is added (yet). Interested scholars are invited to search and to improve the edition.