Correspondence of Simon van Slingelandt and Sicco van Goslinga 1697-1731

Edited by W.A. van Rappard

Simon van Slingelandt (1664-1736) was an ambitious and shrewd Secretary to the Council of State from 1695 to 1725, Chief Treasurer of the Union from 1725 to 1727, and finally Grand Pensionary of Holland from 1727 until his death in 1736. While serving in government he was quick to spot inherent flaws in the constitution and made concerted efforts to rectify them. His trusted friend, the Frisian statesman Sicco van Goslinga (1664-1731), Sheriff of Franekeradeel, who spent many years as field deputy for the States General during the War of the Spanish Succession, and finally served as Ambassador to the French court at Versailles after the Peace of Utrecht, was equally convinced that urgent measures were needed to improve the situation.

Their entire correspondence is reproduced here. However, many letters have been lost so unfortunately some years are missing. The bulk of the letters published here can be found in the archives of the Twickel estate in Delden. Other items originated from the National Archive in The Hague.