NWA Science Communication grant for Through the lens of Antoni

NWO announced 27 January that it has awarded an NWA Science Communication grant to the project: Through the lens of Antoni: How do you represent what you cannot see? The application was submitted by Charles van den Heuvel of the Huygens Institute. The implementation is in the hands of a team of art and science historians, biologists, television documentary makers, website developers, micro-photographers, visual artists, and education experts.

In preparation of the 300th death anniversary of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (2023), an education program combined with an interactive multimedia digital platform will be developed. This will be used to engage school pupils in an experimental way with the invention and the societal impact of the microscope from the Dutch Republic in the seventeenth century up to the present. Aim is to increase young people’s faith in science. A documentary follows this explorative journey of the pupils to “the smallest”, not with the naked eye observable in the past and today, and the dialogues between scholars about visualizing the unknown. These combined activities are a prelude to a documentary series and public events planned for the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Year 2023. The project runs from 1 February to 1 December 2022.