21 April 2020

Workshop Transkribus

Location Online (see link)
Start/end 1:00 - 4:00 pm CEST

Creating transcriptions can be a tedious job. The computer tool Transkribus can ease the process after some training. In this digital workshop, the basics of the program will be demonstrated, and some practical examples are going to be given.

During this workshop, several features will be discussed: how to get started, what are all the button’s for, how to create TextRegions and Baselines, what is necessary to necessary to create a model.

This workshop is organised through a Zoom-meeting; additional questions can be asked through the chat-function. The workshop will be given in English and will be provided in by Annemieke Romein, a postdoctoral researcher at HuygensING and experienced Transkribus-user.

Contact person: Annemieke Romein (A Game of Thrones)