19 May 2020

Transkribus Workshop – Advanced

Location Online at Zoom.us
Start/end 13:00 hours - 16:00 hours CEST

Creating transcriptions can be a tedious job. The computer tool Transkribus can ease the process after some training. In this digital workshop, we will commence with the knowledge you gained in the basic training. You will now learn about judging the quality of a model, structure tags and automatic training of structure through P2PaLA, combining existing transcriptions with images (T2I), future options with tables and NERs-tagging.

This workshop is organised through a Zoom-meeting; additional questions can be asked through the chat-function.  The workshop will be given in English and will be provided in by Annemieke Romein, a postdoctoral researcher at HuygensING and experienced Transkribus-user.