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Tobias Winnerling

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Tobias Winnerling studied History, Philosophy, and Modern Japan at the Universities of Hagen and Düsseldorf. He obtained his PhD in 2013 from Düsseldorf University with a thesis on the early Jesuit mission to India and Japan. At Huygens ING he is pursuing his postdoctoral project “The Fading of Remembrance. Charting the process of getting forgotten within the humanities, 18th – 20th centuries: a historical network research analysis” under EU funding by a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship grant. The central questions in the project focus on why scholars got forgotten, and why and how those that are remembered have been selected over the period from the 18th to the 20th century. He also is interested in the history of European-Non-european encounters, history of knowledge, and Early Modernity in Digital Games.

Major Publications

  • The Spiritual Empire of the Society of Jesus, in: Itinerario. International Journal on the History of European Expansion and Global Interaction, 40, 2/2016, pp. 215-237.
  • The eternal recurrence of all bits. How historicizing video games’ series transform factual history into affective historicity, in: eludamos. Journal for Computer Game Culture, Special Issue: Digital Seriality, 8, 1/2014, pp. 129-149, URL:
  • Vernunft und Imperium. Die Societas Jesu in Indien und Japan, 1542–1574, Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht  2014.
  • Kein Usus Medicus oder: Wie der Knoblauch seine Kräfte verlor, in: Archiv für Kulturgeschichte, 95, 1/2013, pp. 89-124.

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