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This project is intended to gather together all separately published works and uncollected texts written by the Dutch author Willem Frederik Hermans within a reliable, scientifically sound publication. The Complete Works comprise 23 to 24 volumes of 800 to 1,000 pages each that have been ordered according to genre: Novels (6 volumes), Stories and novellas (2 volumes), Poems (1 volume), Stage plays and scenarios (1 volume), Reflective work (7 volumes), Visual work (1 volume), Work by others (1 volume), Uncollected work (3 or 4 volumes) and Other work (1 volume).

The basic version of all texts will be determined on the basis of bibliographic and archival research. In principle, this basic version will always conform to the publication last authorised by the author himself. The two primary bibliographies Het bibliografische universum van Willem Frederik Hermans (Frans A. Janssen and Sonja van Stek 2000, revised edition 2005) and Schrijven is verbluffen. Bibliografie van de verspreide publicaties van Willem Frederik Hermans (Rob Delvigne and Frans A. Janssen 1996, revised edition 2005) play an indispensable role in this process and together offer a virtually comprehensive overview of Hermans’s published work.


drs. Peter Kegel

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