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Geertrui van Synghel

  • Dr Geertrui van Synghel
  • Senior researcher
  • Department of History
  • Specialisation: paleography of the Middle Ages; oorkondenleer; verhalende bronnen
  • +31 (0)70-3315800


Geertrui Van Synghel studied medieval history at the State University of Ghent and has been at Huygens ING since 1979. She gained her doctorate at Leiden University in 2006 with a dissertation on the city secretariat of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. She taught palaeography at Utrecht University and in 2009 was a guest professor at Ghent University (Palaeography, Historical Criticism, and Development of Written Records). From 1979 to 2000, she worked on the Register of Documents and Records for the province of Noord-Brabant. Since 1994 she has also been editor-in-chief of the Source Commentaries [Broncommentaren] series. From December 2009 to mid-2015 she was seconded to the Brabant Sources Foundation to publish the Digital Register of Documents and Records for the province of Noord-Brabant. She was formerly a member of the scholarly committee and an associate of Boschdoc, and since 2016 has been conducting research on the development of written records in South Limburg, in connection with an edition of the Limburg documents up to 1300. In 2018, she began work on creating digital access to the magistrates’ registers of ‘s-Hertogenbosch 1366–1811.  Since 2017 she has chaired the Supervision and Advice Committee for the Charters Database at the Tilburg Regional Archives.

Research and other projects:

Major publications:

  • Geertrui Van Synghel, ‘The Use of Records in Medieval Towns: The Case of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Brabant’, in: Marco Mostert and Anna Adamska ed., Medieval Urban Literacy dl. 22-23 (Brepols Turnhout) [1-17] (ter perse).
  • G. Van Synghel, ‘De opkomst van de volkstaal in de West-Brabantse documentaire bronnen, 1270-1315’, in: M. Damen en L. Sicking (red.), Bourgondië voorbij. De Nederlanden 1250-1650. Liber alumnorum Wim Blockmans. Middeleeuwse studies en bronnen CXXIII (Hilversum 2010) 85-98.
  • Digitaal Oorkondenboek van Noord-Brabant (2010), Tachtig oorkonden met afbeeldingen bij de teksten en tekstretrievalmogelijkheden, uitgegeven door dr. G. Van Synghel.


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