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Tribunal archives as a digital research facility

KNAW-research fund 2016 granted to a joint proposal of the NIOD, NOB, Huygens ING and NA

AMSTERDAM | THE HAGUE – The research proposal TRIADO – Tribunal archives as a digital research facility – is rewarded with the KNAW-research fund 2016. The KNAW-institute NIOD Institute for War- Holocaust- and Genocide Studies submitted the proposal on behalf of the Network of Dutch War Collections, together with project partners Huygens ING (KNAW) and the Dutch National Archives. The TRIADO-project starts this January and will run until July 2019.

This project will explore methods to make the most consulted Second World War archive in the Netherlands, the Central Archive for Special Justice (CABR), better searchable. The aim of the project is to find efficient and effective methodology to transform unstructured, analogue data from archival collections to usable digital research data.

Building bridges

The TRIADO-project connects developments in the fields of Digital Humanities (DH) and record keeping. One of the key goals is the enhancement of the availability of searchable heritage collections in a standardized way. This creates new digital data for DH-researchers, who now work with the same datasets most of the time. Furthermore, collection keeping institutes learn how to prepare a paper collection for new digitally scientific research.

This fall, all KNAW-institutes where invited to present research proposals in cooperation with other parties. The invitation builds upon the Strategic Agenda for 2016-2020 ‘Science and scholarship connect’, where the KNAW-board announced to stimulate the connection of core activities. The TRIADO-project is one of the three proposals that has been granted the KNAW-research fund 2016.

Dutch War Collections findable and usable

The Network of Dutch War Collections aims to make the scattered digital Second World War collections better findable and usable. The use of war sources is being stimulated this way, and the memory of this period kept alive. Different parties and worlds collaborate in projects to achieve this goal. The Network of Dutch War Collections is facilitated by the NIOD, Institute for War, Holocaust- and Genocide studies and financed by the VSBFonds, VFonds and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS).

You can find the TRIADO-research proposal here: (Dutch)