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Exhibition about Dutch women authors from the nineteenth century

Huygens ING organizes this fall – in collaboration with the Museum of Dutch Literature, the KB National Library of the Netherlands, and the “Damesleesmuseum” (Ladies’ Reading Museum) – the exhibition “Because I had something to say”, about Dutch women authors from the nineteenth century.

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Those who write remain alive – is often repeated. But is it true? What about the hundreds of Dutch women writing – and publishing – in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries? Tine van Berken, Christine Doorman, Johanna van Woude…: they were well known and praised in their own times, but they are not to be found in literary histories. Why not? It is not as if they didn’t have “something to say”.

This exhibition presents a selection taken from this huge group of women, who in their time played an active part in the literary world. Using documents from the rich archives of the Museum of Dutch Literary History and from the collections of the Royal Library, it shows how interesting and unconventional these women were – and how surprising their work often is.

This exhibition can be visited in The Hague from September 30 until November 29. After The Hague, it will also be presented elsewhere: to begin with in Haarlem (Noord-Hollands Archief) and in Amsterdam (Atria, Knowledge center for Emancipation and Women’s history). The writers presented in each of the three places will not be the same: in Amsterdam we will also show archival material held in Atria, and in Haarlem we will focus on writers who lived in Haarlem. The exhibition is organized in the context of the European HERA research project Travelling TexTs 1790-1914: The Transnational Reception of Women’s Writing at the Fringes of Europe.

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