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Although sport has been called life’s most important side issue, it is difficult to trace its development in the Netherlands – either in reference works about the history of sports or online.

This database, the follow-up to ‘Sports associations, athletics clubs and sports periodicals in the Netherlands until 1940’, will include the names of all federations and clubs involved in these pursuits founded after 31 December 1940. Furthermore, in the case of the associations, the database will indicate, where possible, in which periodicals they published their official communications. This allows researchers to track down all manner of articles about subjects such as the structure of the sports federation and its ideological principles, but also information about the competitions and developments in the technical side of the game. In addition, these periodicals list the team members of the participating clubs, allowing us to reconstruct the actual memberships of these clubs.

The database is intended for both professional historians and anyone interested in the rise and growth of sports in the Netherlands at the national and/or local levels. The database also allows for a detailed study of all manner of aspects of verzuiling (the compartmentalisation of Dutch society along socio-political lines) or the emancipation of social groups.


Michel van Gent