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Women writers in history

In a tool developed at Huygens ING, the NEWW VRE (NEWW: New approaches to European Women’s Writing), scientists share their research data and can indeed approach the women’s position and reception on the international scale which it needs.

At present the collaboration takes the form of a DARIAH Working Group, after having been granted several national and international fundings. The network was built thanks to COST Action IS0901 (2009-13); Clarin-NL COBWWWEB (Connections Between Women and Writings Within European Borders; 2013-14). HERA Travelling TexTs (2013-16) allowed colleagues from five countries to develop approaches to be also adopted for other parts of Europe. Within the present DARIAH Working Group Women Writers in History, we now focus upon testing the possibilities of the newly developed tool in view of teaching and collaborating with non-specialist voluntary “citizen scientists”.

At Huygens ING, we currently proceed to finalizing the VRE, with the help of Finnish assistant Jasmine Westerlund (Turku University) thanks to a DARIAH grant. Another grant proposal was recently submitted, in which focus is on Dutch women authors and on the Dutch reception of female writers, considering that it is important for future and present-day women (authors or not) to be aware of the activities of the hundreds of Dutch female writers, and of the ways in which their works were received.

Connected to the online activities, the network created a series of volumes also entitled Women Writers in History, which has started to be published with Brill Leiden. Several volumes are currently being prepared. Huygens-ING colleague Ton van Kalmthout is one of the members of the Editorial Board.

The Huygens ING projects are directed by Suzan van Dijk; collaborating also: Els Naaijkens (on Italian women authors and their Dutch reception) and Francesca Scott (Amsterdam University College; research on English women authors [18th-19th centuries] including in their novels issues about female health and childbirth).

The DARIAH WG WWIH  is presently co-directed by Suzan van Dijk, Amelia Sanz (Complutense University, Madrid, Spain), Viola Čapková (University of Turku, Finland), Marie Nedregotten Sørbø (Volda University College, Norway), Beatrijs Vanacker (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium), Anne Birgitte Rønning (University of Oslo, Norway), Nadezhda Alexandrova (University of Sofia, Bulgaria) and Katja Mihurko Poniž (University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia).