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Huygens ING coordinates CLARIAH, the Common Lab Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities. CLARIAH aims to offer humanities scholars a ‘Common Lab’ that provides them access to large collections of digital resources and innovative user-friendly processing tools, thus enabling them to carry out ground-breaking research to discover the nature of human culture.


Huygens ING is a participant in the CLARIN NL consortium, which is a member of the European CLARIN ERIC organisation. As a CLARIN center, Huygens ING offers hosting and services for datasets and tools for humanities research.
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Huygens ING hosts the headquarters of the largest professional union of historians in the Netherlands: The Royal Netherlands Historical Society (KNHG). Together Huygens ING and KNHG offer new digital solutions – both data content and infrastructure – for professional historians and the interested public.

Huygens ING coordinates the Research School Political History in which 22 institutes and academies participate.

Huygens ING also coordinates Porta Historica, a network of five institutes specialized in ‘documentary editing’.

Huygens ING organises the Professor Van Winter Prize.