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Ida Nijenhuis

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Ida Nijenhuis studied History at Groningen University where she was awarded a PhD in 1992 for her thesis on the Jewish philosophe Isaac de Pinto (1717-1787). Before and after getting her doctorate she taught at the history departments of Leiden and Utrecht University. She has been working at Huygens ING since 1998, first as a senior-researcher and coordinator of the 1550-1813 section, then as a programme-director (2003-2011). She led and worked on a digital born edition of the Resolutiën Staten-Generaal 1626-1630 and, in addition, she supervised the Repertorium van Ambtsdragers en Ambtenaren 1428-1861 project. In 2007 both projects were published online. She also developed the research programme Vertegenwoordiging en bestuur in Nederland . From 2009 until 2017 she held the Huygens ING chair in source-criticism at the Faculty of Arts, Radboud University Nijmegen. In 2016 she was a research fellow at the Center for the History of Political Economy, Duke University, Durham N.C. Presently she leads the project that aims at the complete digital edition of the resolutions of the Dutch States General 1576-1796 and furthermore she prepares a book on the history of Dutch economic thought:  ‘Between power and market. A history of Dutch commercial republicanism, 1600-1800’.

Research and other projects

  • Resolutiën der Staten-Generaal 1576-1796
  • Power and Market: Dutch Political Economy, 1600-1800.
  • Ambtsdragers en ambtenaren 1428-1861
  • De leeuw met de zeven pijlen. Het gewest in het landelijk bestuur
  • Programma – Vertegenwoordiging en bestuur in Nederland

Additional Positions

  • Professor Onderwijs en Onderzoek bronnenkritiek en bronontsluiting Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

Major publications:

  • Representation by numbers: how attendance and experience helped Holland to control the Dutch States General (1626-1630) in:  Mario J.M. Damen, Jelle Haemers and Alastair J. Mann eds., Political Representation: Communities, Ideas and Institutions in Europe (c. 1200 – c. 1690). Brill, Leiden & Boston, 2018 (June).
  • Captured by the Commercial Paradigm in: Steven L. Kaplan and Sophus A. Reinert eds., The Economic Turn: Recasting Political Economy in Eighteenth Century Europe. Antem Press, London, New York, Dehli, 2018 (forthcoming).
  • For the Sake of the republic: The Dutch Translation of Forbonnais’s Elémens du commerce, in: History of European Ideas 41,8 (2014) 1202-1216.
  • Resolutiën Staten-Generaal 1626-1630. I.J.A. Nijenhuis et al. ed. (update). Den Haag 2011.
  • De leeuw met de zeven pijlen. Het gewest in het landelijk bestuur. Onder redactie van Ida Nijenhuis, Joke Roelevink en Ronald Sluijter. Den Haag 2010.
  • ‘ “Uytten buyck van ‘t landt”. Holland en de Staten-Generaal 1626-1630′ in: Ida Nijenhuis, Joke Roelevink en Ronald Sluijter ed., De leeuw met de zeven pijlen. Het gewest in het landelijk bestuur (Den Haag 2010) 49-72.
  • Bronnen to go. Institutionele bronontsluiting in het digitale tijdperk. Inaugurele rede Radboud Universiteit. Nijmegen 2010.
  • ‘Representation and governance in the Netherlands, 1250-1983: materials for a comprehensive history of politics’, Parliaments, Estates & Representation 29 (2009) 3-15 (met Jan Burgers, Eef Dijkhof, Karin van Leeuwen en Marijke van Faassen).
  • ‘Republikanische Repräsentation? Ansehen und Rang in der zeremoniellen und diplomatischen Praxis der Generalstaaten im 17. Jahrhundert’ in: Tim Neu, Michael Sikora & Thomas Weller Hg., Zelebrieren und Verhandeln. Zur Praxis ständischer Institutionen im frühneuzeitlichen Europa (Münster 2009) 145-160.
  • ‘Republican risks: commerce and agriculture in the Dutch Republic’ in: André Holenstein, Thomas Maissen, Maarten Prak ed., The Republican Alternative. The Netherlands and Switzerland compared (Amsterdam UP 2008) 259-278.


Research output in Pure

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