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The website contains the bilingual (Dutch and Russian) digital version of Nicolaas Witsen’s 17th century book on Inner Eurasia, Noord en Oost Tartarye (North and East Tartary, second edition 1705). The book discussed the geography, ethnography, flora, fauna and linguistics of remote areas of Inner Eurasia. These were known as ‘Tartary’ or ‘Tartaria’: the lands of the ‘Tartars,’ nomadic peoples about whom Western European scholars knew very little at that time. This sizeable book was intended as an explanation to accompany the large and detailed map of Tartary that Witsen had published in 1687. It described the Crimea, the Caucasus, the lower and middle Volga region, the Ural Mountains, Siberia, Mongolia, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Tibet, Manchuria, the islands and shores of Northern Japan, the Amur basin and Korea.