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In the Middle Ages books tended to consist of multiple texts. However, modern editions of medieval sources generally contain a single separate text. These modern editions break the historical connections that exist between the different texts originally included within a single volume. In doing so, they deprive each individual text of part of its historical dimension. This in turn led to the need to develop a series of integral editions of the contents of the medieval miscellanies.

Another objective of the project is to present the published texts in a manner that is completely true to source. Taking the form of diplomatic editions, the project’s editions offer a wealth of text sources that have previously gone unpublished or are only published in part. Furthermore, the editions are a valuable asset for the study of Middle Dutch dialects, lexicography and copyists’ activities, and promote the dissemination and transmission of medieval texts in a more general sense.

The volumes that have been published so far – from relatively small manuscripts (modestly sized and containing only a limited number of texts) to gigantic compilations – provide access to sizeable portions of the Middle Dutch heritage within the covers of a single publication. This series’ combination of text edition and access to codicological information contributes to a better understanding of the nature of the ‘miscellany’ phenomenon.

The volumes issued in this series will consist of a book publication (critical edition with commentary) and a digital publication (diplomatic edition) that will be made available via the internet.


dr. Herman Brinkman