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  • Dr Anne-Marie Mreijen
  • Managing Editor BMGN/LCHR
  • Department KNHG
  • Specialisation: Political History, 20th Century, Biographical Research
  • +31 (0)20-2246814


Anne-Marie Mreijen worked for the Royal Netherlands Historical Society (KNHG) as the managing editor for BMGN – Low Countries Historical Review. She studied history at Utrecht University and the University of Munich, specialising in the political history of the twentieth century and biographical research. She previously worked at Huygens ING on the Digital Women’s Lexicon and the Biographical Portal, as a lecturer at Utrecht University, and as an independent researcher for, among others, the National Archives and the Camp Vught National Memorial.  In February 2018 she gained her doctorate with a dissertation on the politician Marinus van der Goes van Naters (1900–2005), also known as the “Red Nobleman”. The biography was published by the publishing house of Boom.

Research and other projects

Additional positions

  • Redacteur Tijdschrift voor Biografie (TvB)
  • Redacteur Biografisch Woordenboek voor Socialisme & Arbeidersbeweging (BWSA)

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Major publications

  • Anne-Marie Mreijen, De Rode Jonker. De eeuw van Marinus van der Goes van Naters 1900-2005 (Amsterdam 2018)
  • Marinus van der Goes van Naters, Het socialisme van nu [ingeleid en bezorgd door Ido de Haan en Anne-Marie Mreijen,  (Amsterdam 2018)
  • Kersten, Dennis and Mreijen, Anne-Marie ‘Teaching Life Writing Texts in Europe’, European Journal of Life Writing [S.l.], v. 4, p. TLi-TLiii, mar. 2015. Available at:


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