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Els Kloek

  • Dr Els Kloek
  • Honorary fellow
  • Specialisation: women’s history; biographical reference works
  • +31-07-3315800


Els Kloek studied History at the University of Amsterdam where she received a PhD in 1990. She worked as a lecturer at the universities of Utrecht, Nijmegen and Rotterdam. Moreover, she was the initiator and editor-in-chief of Verloren Verleden, a popular-science series on the history of the Netherlands that was published from 1998 to 2004. From 2003 until 2014 she worked at Huygens ING as editor-in-chief of the Digital Women’s Lexicon of the Netherlands (DVN), and, from 2008 up to 2014- she was project leader of the Biography Portal of the Netherlands. In 2013 she published the much-praised 1001 Vrouwen uit de Nederlandse geschiedenis , which contains literally 1001 descriptions of the lives of women from the early periods up to now. Currently, she is working on a sequel: DVN-20th century. Her book Vrouw des huizes. Een cultuurgeschiedenis van de Hollandse huisvrouw (2009) was nominated (in 2010) for the Libris History Prize. In 2013 her book 1001 vrouwen was also nominated for the Libris History Prize. Since 2014, Els is working as an independent historian, but will remain related to the Huygens ING as Honorary fellow.

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Important publications:

  • Kenau & Magdalena. Vrouwen in de Tachtigjarige oorlog, Vantilt Uitgeverij (Nijmegen, 2014)
  • 1001 vrouwen uit de 20ste eeuw (2013)
  • Vrouw des huizes. Een cultuurgeschiedenis van de Hollandse huisvrouw (Amsterdam 2009; 2de druk 2010; 3de druk 2011).
  • Women of the Golden Age. An international debate on women in 17th century Holland, England and Italy (Hilversum 1994) [Red., met Nicole Teeuwen en Marijke Huisman].
  • Wie hij zij, man of wijf. Vrouwengeschiedenis en de vroegmoderne tijd: drie Leidse studies dissertatie UvA (Hilversum 1990).

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