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International Conference: Parchment, Paper and Pixels Medieval Writing and Modern Technology

Since the establishment of the disciplines of Diplomatics and Paleography in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, their goals and methods have been consistently expanded and improved. The domain of Codicology, established in the twentieth century, has seen similar advancements. The emphasis on methods and techniques observed in these three disciplines can be explained by their common denomination: besides being academic disciplines in their own right, they are ‘auxiliary sciences’ and as such developed for the purpose of studying medieval manuscripts as historical and literary sources.


Over the past few decades the methods of Diplomatics, Paleography and Codicology have witnessed revolutionary changes, thanks to the digital revolution. This conference aims to examine possibilities for collaboration between scholars of medieval sources and those in the digital sciences. Key questions include: How do traditional (analogue) methods relate to new (digital) tools? Will digital analysis be the major focus of future research in the field? Which lines of inquiry and digital projects have proven successful, and which appear less fruitful? How may we ensure the longevity of our digital tools and editions?

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Location: Regional Historic Centre Limburg

Address: Sint Pieterstraat 7, Maastricht

Date: 2-3 February 2017

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Registration deadline: 27 january 2017

Conference fee 2-3 February (conference map, coffee/tea and lunch): €50

Only 2 February: €30 (conference map, coffee/tea and lunch)

Only 3 February: €20 (conference map, coffee/tea)

Conference dinner: €50 (three-course dinner, including beverages, in the restaurant Petit Bonheur)

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