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In memoriam: Pim Kooij (1945-2016) social historian

Professor Pim Kooij died unexpectedly on August 9th, aged 71 years. Pim Kooij was professor at the University of Groningen 1988-2010 and the Wageningen University 1997-2010. He was a social historian with a broad range of interests, mostly the 19th and 20th centuries. Being foremost an urban historian in the first part of his career, he published more widely on rural development and environmental history in later years. A geographical approach served as a common thread in his work, a feature that developed from extensive reading in the French Annales school of history in the 1960s-1970s, which he combined with studying the American urban sociology and urban history traditions. The inspiration he drew from the works of Pierre Goubert and Stephan Thernstrom prepared him well for his professorships in Economic and Social History in Groningen and Rural History in Wageningen. >>>Read the full in memoriam by Maarten Duivendak on

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Photo by dr Susan Aasman copyright 2009